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Commemoration on 13 March

Since 1946 the execution of the first Geuzen is commemorated each year on 13 March. On this day in 1941, fifteen ‘Geuzen’ and three leaders of the February Strike in Amsterdam were executed by firing squad on Waalsdorpvlakte.

Survaving relatives lay wreaths
The Geuzen Grave can be found at the Emaus cemetary in
Vlaardingen. Surviving relatives of deceased 'Geuzen', former resistance fighters, dignitaries, pupils and the laureate lay wreaths at the Geuzen Grave.

Geuzen Grave
Six of the fifteen Geuzen who were executed on
13 March 1941 are buried here: Jan Kijne, Ary Kop, Jacob van der Ende, Johannes Smit, Reijer Bastiaan van der Borden and Nicolaas Arie van der Burg.

Silent march to the monument
As has been customary for years this is followed by a silent march from the Emaus cemetery to the Geuzen Monument in the Markt (market square), where a brief memorial service will be held. The ceremony to award the Geuzen medal is subsequently held in the Grote Kerk.



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