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2001 European Roma Rights Centre and National Sinti Organisation


Presented by HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), based in Budapest, was set up in 1995 to defend the rights and interests of the Roma gypsies at the international level. The human rights organisation investigates the often harrowing situations in which the Roma find themselves in many different countries. The ERRC tries to improve the situation by providing legal support. Where necessary, lawyers are engaged to defend the interests of Sinti and Roma and to institute legal proceedings as appropriate.

The ERRC produces a magazine on a fairly regular basis which not only reports discriminatory abuses in detail, but also publishes stories featuring positive progress. However, reports of abuses still take up far too much space in the magazine.

European Roma Rights Centre: informative, fair, helpful, whistleblower.

The 5,000 Sinti and Roma in the Netherlands have joined forces in the National Sinti Organisation (LSO). This body endeavours to raise the public’s level of interest, understanding, respect and recognition, and works to improve the social and political position of the Sinti and Roma community – all of which are basic preconditions for successful integration.

The LSO, based in Best, gives advice and support, mediates, and provides information to mainstream bodies and individuals and to its supporters. At the European level, the LSO focuses on training for the Sinti and Roma and raising their awareness. The LSO is a pioneer in the long and arduous process of emancipation for the Sinti and Roma who live in the Netherlands.

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